Testing Capabilities

Trimos (V300+) 0-300mm
Trimos Vectra Touch, Application Range: 0 to 872mm
Pressure air gauge (baker)
Profile Projector 10 X magnification by 400 dia screen.
Bore dial gauge set from range of 0 to 400 mm
Roughness tester
Digital depth micrometer from range of 0 to 150 mm
Digital height gauge of 300 mm
Micrometer digital range of 0 to 50 mm
Micrometer set from range of 0 to 500 mm
Vernier calipers
Dial Vernier calipers
Plunger dials
Hardness tester
Carbon, Silicon Apparatus
Metallographic Set Up-Digital Analyzer For Micro-structure Testing
Universal Testing Machine
Brinell Hardness Testing Machine
Poldi Hardness Tester
Mould Hardness Tester
Sand Siever
Sand Rammer
Permeability Tester
Green Compression Strength Tester
Clay Washer
Muffle Furnace
Combustion Furnace
Polish Machine
Scratch Hardness Tester