thermal treatment

A thermal treatment can then be done to the casting in a state-of-the-art electric furnace with 2.1m X 2.4m X 1.1m (84'' X 96'' X 42'') of usable interior volume. This furnace is equipped with a programmable control system and a multi-point recording device, which precisely monitors its temperature according to a variety of requirements.

Thermal treatment may be required for two main reasons:

Stress Relieving

Stress often occurs during metal solidification in the mold. By thermal treatment , we can minimize the risk of warping during subsequent machining operations, or when the piece is in use. This treatment may be required by the customer or by Belgaum Ferrocast's operational practices, according to the casting requirements.

Changing the mechanical properties

Thermal treatment may be required to modify the mechanical properties of the casting through a transformation of its metallurgic structure. Likewise, this treatment may be required by the customer, or be part of Belgaum Ferrocast's manufacturing process. It will help the casting attain its specified characteristics.